Classic Trial Rules and Regulations 
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Classic Trial Rules

Classic Trials are run under MotorSport New Zealand Regularity Trial Regulations.  Drivers require a MotorSport New Zealand ClubSport Licence.  Membership of a MotorSport New Zealand affiliated club is a prerequisite.  Drivers are required to wear protective clothing (single layer 100% cotton overalls are acceptable), wear a MotorSport New Zealand approved helmet.  A current warrant of fitness is usually all that is required for the car but a MotorSport New Zealand approved fire extinguisher is required to be fitted.

Classic Trials are time trials, not races, drivers are expected to drive accordingly.  Events are speed restricted with minimum lap times designated for all circuits.  Drivers who lap faster than the designated lap time will be penalised and repeat offending will result in drivers being rejected from the meeting. Competing for the Classic Trial Championship is an option for Classic Trial entrants but is not mandatory.

Drivers are required to nominate a target lap time (TLT) prior to competing and the driver who's actual average lap time is closest to their target lap time is the winner.  A drivers individual target lap times will be based on the times recorded during practice.  No timing assistance is permitted.  Drivers must make their own assessment of their speed.  Cars start in pairs with a short interval before the next pair.  Lap times are recorded from the commencement of the second lap. 

The variance between the TLT and each actual lap of the trial will be recorded (excluding the first lap).  Laps faster or slower than the TLT do not cancel each other out.  The average variance from the TLT is calculated for each car for each trial.  In an event with one or two separate trials, the final result will be an average of the time variance of all trials completed.  In an event with three trials, the best two variances will be averaged. In an event with four or more trials, the average of the best three variances will determine the final result. Failure to complete sufficient runs in an event (breakdown, weather etc) will mean a result will not be recorded for that round.

Classic Trial Championship Rules

The Classic Trial Championship is a non-sanctioned series promoted and managed by the Classic Trial Register.  The series is run over a number of designated Classic Trials.  Entrants must be members of the Classic Trial Register and be registered for the Championship.  There is a $20.00 registration fee.  Drivers registering for the Championship at their second meeting of the season will have the result from their first meeting recorded for championship points. 

For championship points the average time variance from the event is expressed as a number of points. 200 points for a perfect 0.00 second variance down to 24 points for a variance of 2.50 seconds per lap or greater.  The driver with the greatest number of points at the end of the season is the championship winner. 

The Championship is decided on the best four round results for each driver. If results from more than four rounds are recorded, only the best four results will count towards the Championship.  A driver may enter less than four rounds in a season.  A trophy is awarded to the winner of each series round.

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